meet your digital

fairy godmother

At do you even social? we are bold, sometimes italic but never regular. 

do you even social? Founder Rach has spent the last 6 years working her magic on some of Australia’s most loved beauty and lifestyle brands

[and winning a few awards along the way].


She kicked off 2020 with the launch of do you even social? after seeing too many businesses not giving their online presence the love it deserved.

They needed some magic injected into their strategy. The magic of their very own digital fairy godmother.

We get it, the online world can be overwhelming AF.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we pair tailored digital marketing solutions with honest, accessible and accountable support.


Specialising in copywriting, content, and social media solutions, do you even social? injects fresh, sassy and a little bit bad-assy ideas into your brand that transform loyal online followers into repeat customers.


Starting from scratch? We’re so excited for you!

Starting with your goals, opportunities and what success means to your brand, our personalised strategy sessions map out your digital marketing plan and put you in the driver’s seat of your own success.

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