3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have A Blog

If your business doesn’t have a blog, you’re missing out on reaching a wider audience, boosting your online presence and giving your content strategy some fresh, new ideas!

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider adding blogging to your content strategy.

Establishes authority

You know you're an expert in your field but does your audience?

Blog writing is an ultra-effective way to connect with new and existing customers on a conversational level. It builds trust, provides clarity and adds value to their experience with your brand.

Over time, your regular blog content presents you as a go-to for industry insights.

Your SEO will do a happy dance

Not only does blogging encourage regular visits to your website but it gives search engines their favourite snack: relevant, engaging and NEW content!

Consistent blog writing is an inexpensive SEO activity that can have a big impact on your rankings. Be sure to include relevant keywords into your blogs that your customers are searching to find you.

Give your content strategy a boost

Now we know blogging is another way to showcase your brand voice and your why online but did you know that you can transform your blog content into social media posts?

Maximise your blog writing efforts but getting the most out of your content:

  • Transform one blog post into 3-4 social media posts

  • Share your blog takeaways in your Instagram Stories (and update your highlights each time)

  • Boost your expert status by sharing your blogs on your LinkedIn

  • Embed your latest blog as a feature in your e-newsletter

  • Grow your readership by sharing your latest blog in your industry Facebook groups

Did you know we specialise in producing ultra-engaging blog content? Our You're A Blog Boss bundle equips you with 3 custom-written blog posts to kickstart your success!

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