4 Ways To Ensure Your Instagram Bio Sparkles

Think of your Instagram Bio as your business card, a website about section and services list all wrapped into one. Whilst this is a lot to convey in 150 characters or less, a well-formatted Instagram Bio can showcase your why and get followers engaged from the get-go.

Winning over your ideal audience

Your Instagram Bio needs to ensure that within a matter of seconds, a visitor to your page knows what your business is and how it can help them. This starts with selecting your profile category (what product or service sector you fall into) and following this up with 150 characters of pure business buzz.

By making your bio more about solving their problems or how you'll add value to them, you're making it easier for the user to identify if your page is for them and whether they hit that follow button. Focus on answering these 3 questions in your bio:

  1. What's the main problem I'm solving?

  2. What am I super proud of and want to share with Instagram users?

  3. What is something that sets me apart from others?

Don't forget to ensure your Instagram profile picture is a high-quality version of your business logo that, please!

To emoji or not to emoji

Adding emojis to your Instagram Bio makes your brand message easy to digest.

A universal language, emojis draw attention to your message and allow you to visually showcase your brand voice from the very first introduction.

Emojis can also be used to support your call to action such as:

👇🏼Check out our latest blog post!

📷Tag #yourhashtaghere to be featured!

🎧NEW podcast ep now live!

The name of the game

Did you know that when editing your Instagram Bio, the name section is completely separate to your username? This means you can customise your name to highlight more about your business and be seen by more people!

My favourite way to use this section is to identify a keyword that people would regularly search to find pages like yours. By using keywords, you're increasing your chances of being found when users are searching for a brand like yours therefore, boosting your awareness, reach and potential followers!

Try to think about a niche product or service your business is well known for and formulate a tagline from there such as:

  • Clean Skincare

  • Melbourne Hair Salon

  • Sydney Makeup Artist

  • Brisbane Skin Therapist

  • Social Media Help

Contact information

Like any digital marketing, there's no point sharing amazing content if people don't know what to do from there!

Ensure your bio is completely filled out to include:

  • A website link

  • A contact button (email, phone number and/or directions)

  • An action button (if applicable) to connect relevant booking software to your page

Need help adding sparkle to your Instagram? Check out our social media management packages for content solutions to suit a range of budgets.

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