5 Ways To Maximise Your Last Blog Post

YOU LEGEND! You published that latest blog post! Now what? Obvs it's going to sprinkle SEO confetti all over your website but let's make it word even harder for your biz.

Let's Get Social

If this is your first blog boogie with us, firstly, welcome! Secondly, you're about to learn one of our leading digital marketing tips - repurpose your content!

One blog post can easily become a series of social media posts that add value to your audience and showcase your expertise.

If your last blog post is a list style or even topical paragraphs like this one, you can repurpose each of those key messages into individual posts. Paired with engaging media and relevant hashtags and you're on your way to a star performing post.

Your E-Newsletter Just Got A Snazzy New Feature

Are you including your latest blog post as a feature in your email newsletters? If not, now is the time to add even more value to your subscribers' inbox and ultimately, drive them back to your website.

If you're regularly writing blog posts, chances are these fall under your educative or informing content pillars. With this content comes the goal of getting people to make that booking, purchase that product or secure that treatment series so why wouldn't you want to increase your chances and show it off wherever you can?!

You're An Expert, Darling!

Now, this is where we ramp things up a bit! Using the key messages from your last blog post, jump on your IG and Facebook stories [or reels if you can cram it in!] and film yourself sharing this knowledge. You've already written yourself the script!

Without a doubt, when we show ourselves on our business channels, our engagement skyrockets. Maximise that emotional connection you've established with your audience and share your expertise and tell them exactly what they need to do!

It's Quiz Time

Another engagement boosting way to maximise your last blog post in stories is by using the quiz feature. Once again, grab those key messages from your blog post and turn them into a quiz on your stories.

This is a fun way to provide social proof to your audience about how much [or let's be honest, how little] they know about their hair/skin/wellness. This activity is a great way to not only boost your overall Instagram engagement but get those playing along at home to really reflect on their concern and in turn, the solution you're providing them.

Let's Get Visual

Transform the key takeaways in your blog post into an infographic, branded tile or even short video using Canva. As we know, people learn in different styles so for those that don't tune into your regular blogs, this could be a powerful way to still share that message with them.

To keep your feed looking consistent and clean, ensure any visuals you create are in your brand colours, fonts and match the overall aesthetic for your page.

If you've gotten this far and thought omg, I'm not even blogging then we've got you.

Harnessing you with 3 professionally written blogs about your specific brand, products and services, our You're A Blog Boss bundle is the perfect introduction to updating your site [and socials] with regular value adding blog content.

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