5 Ways To Up Your Social Game In Under 30 Minutes

In all its small business marketing glory, creating connections on social media is a marathon, not a sprint. From boosted engagement, followers and potential clients, showing up consistently and on brand each day is worth the every moment in our opinion!

Whether you're brand new to the social game or haven't given your page some TLC in a while, we've got 5 ways you can up your socials in just 30 minutes. Yep, the same time it takes to catch up on an ep of Selling Sunset, you can be welcoming new love to your page.

Refresh Your Bio

Does your Instagram Bio offer potential clients insight into what your business offers and why they should engage with yours and not another? If not, it's time for a refresh.

Let's be real, 150 characters is not a lot so you need to be strategic with how you use them. Consider using emojis at dot points within your bio to share short and snappy bites of your biz that can be easily understood.

Boost your ability to show up in searches by switching up your Instagram name. No, not your username, your page name. Think about what people are searching to find a business like yours and maximise these keywords in your name.

Insights Data Is Everything!

Spend 30 minutes ensuring your scheduled content is being published at the right time.

If you're still posting "whenever", then you're truly not harnessing the full potential of your page and your followers.

Both Facebook and Instagram offer valuable insight data to help you decipher who your audience is, where they're located, how old they are and what time they're hanging out on social media.

Remember, your most active engagement times on Facebook may differ to Instagram so be sure to avoid complacency and schedule your content to connect with relevant audiences.

Tell Us A Story

Instagram stories are a must for us! We can't get enough of them! Perfect for sharing an insight into your brand's day to day life, getting up close and personal with your audience, sharing sneak peeks to new launches and even seeking feedback from your audience, stories have an abundance of new features that can ensure your social media presence delivers for your business.

Spend 30 minutes coming up with new ways to utilise your stories. For beauty brands, this could be showcasing how to apply a product properly or the proper order for a skincare routine. A style icon? Let's jump on stories and film outfit of the day and "get ready with me" videos. A creative biz like mine? Share valuable insights like "how-to's", tips and facts.

Be Social On Social Media

Fact: you have to be social on social media!

Just like you nurture relationships in the real world, social media should be no different. Each connection and follower you make on social media is a potential customer and a relationship that deserves to be looked after. Spend 30 minutes engaging with other accounts, liking content, commenting and saving posts that inspire you. You never know what you'll come across!

Book An Audit

In less than 30 minutes you can book a social media audit and have your social media accounts seen through the eyes of a professional. Our Social Media Refresh gives you a solid overview of what's working on your page, where opportunities await and how to ensure your brand shines throughout your content. 

Designed with busy business owners in mind, our Social Media Refresh is broken down into 4 easy to navigate sections with an experts game plan to set you up for success.

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