Add Some Sparkle To Your Social Media Strategy!

In between the hustle and bustle of all the hashtags, metrics and deadlines, have you forgotten to HAVE FUN with your marketing? Here are 3 ways to add some sparkle to your strategy:⠀

🦄Jump on your stories and film some a-day-in-the-life action! There's nothing we love more from those we follow on social media than authenticity. From celebrating the wins to sharing the f**k ups, we want to feel like we're on the same level as our beloved brands. A great place to start is jumping on Instagram Stories and telling your followers who you are, what you do and most importantly, WHY you do it.

🌈Spark laughter [and shares]

Suffering from writer's block this week? Add a relatable, motivational or edutaining [thats educative and entertaining for those playing along at home] quote to your feed. This kind of sharable content can significantly boost your comments, tags and shares. Creating your own sharable content keeps your feed consistent your brand awareness boosted! Thanks to our friend the watermark, every share your post gets will feature your business.

💬Encourage conversation

The easiest way to add sparkle to your page is to get your followers to do it for you! Jump on your Stories this month and kick off a conversation. If you prefer being behind the camera [same], then why not create a poll or use the "ask a question" feature. Driving the conversation allows you to get better insight into what your followers [aka existing and potential clients] want, feedback on ideas you have for your business, enhance your sense of community and ultimately, get to know your followers better!

Need help finding your sparkle? Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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