How To Work Smarter, Not Harder On Social Media

REAL TALK. If you keep saying you "don't have time for social media", then it's not going to work hard for your business.

You've heard us go on about the importance of #postingwithpurpose and that begins with organising your content production like a BOSS.

Book yourself in for a social media appointment

You wouldn't skip on a fitness class you've got booked in your diary, right? Okay, bad example but the point is, if you book your social media planning in like you would a client, the time has been allocated already! Talk about accountability.

Choose a day and time each week [or month] to plan, produce and schedule your content and actually sit down and do it. However frequently you choose to do this, it's a time to think about what promotions you have coming up, any seasonal events you need to cover and a chance to jump into your insights and find out what, when and where your audience is most connected with your business online.

Invest in scheduling tools

Investing in a scheduling tool is an absolute game changer when it comes to working smarter, not harder on social media. These allow you to upload your content [written during your social media appointment of course] and have it publish and work its magic in the background.

We love to use Planoly as our scheduling tool as we can schedule our hashtags as part of our post! It's also one of the few apps that auto-scheduled your Instagram posts which is a huge time saver. We invest in the ultra-affordable paid version of this app so we're equipped with unlimited content uploads and auto-scheduling across our two key platforms - Facebook and Instagram.

If you love a freebie, you can't go past Facebook Creator Studio. Whilst it doesn't have all the bells and whistles like hashtag scheduling, it is a free way to auto-schedule your content on Facebook and Instagram.

Know your content pillars [and stick to them!]

If you know your content pillars, then you're never questioning what to post again! Content pillars are our #1 way of removing guesswork from social media marketing.

The key themes of your business that you're committed to sharing with your audience, content pillars act as your constant source of inspiration when it comes to creating content.

For example, one of key content pillars for do you even social? is to enlighten. This is our space to educate and add value to businesses through our digital marketing knowledge. Each time we sit down for our social media appointment, we know that part of that session will be producing enlighten-driven content.

For a beauty business, this could be a product feature, team insight or even a skin tip!

Content pillars not only take the headache out of content creation but keep your feed looking consistent and your brand messages on point.

When it doubt, outsource

We get it. Not everyone loves putting pen to paper. Whilst it's ultra-important that you have a grasp on your social media platforms, there is options to outsource the parts you just can't stand.

At do you even social? we offer a selection of social media support options such as caption copywriting, feed theme design and even overall content strategies to create those pillars we mentioned before for you.

Not sure what's the best fit for your business? Book your complimentary 30 minute chat with us and let's get social.

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