Instagram's Announcements From An Introvert's Perspective

This week, Instagram made an announcement that they’re no longer “just a photo-sharing app” and in my opinion, is a bit of a “duh!” moment.

They've fessed up that they’re prioritising video content such as stories, reels, lives and IGTV content, which we kinda already knew, but it's nice to have the confirmation!


So, what does this mean for our accounts? Well for starters, this doesn't necessarily mean throwing our current strategy out the window but rather tweaking and adapting it for the present 'gram we're operating on.

Just because they’re now calling Insta a “video-sharing app” doesn’t mean you can’t *currently* keep posting static imagery, carousels and product photography. You know what your audience vibes with the most and if this kind of content is one of them, then definitely keep incorporating it into your monthly content planning. I for one will continue to post static imagery until they take it away from me.

When it comes to getting that optimal reach and engagement we all want, it's likely that this will need to come from a video. Use your existing content pillars to guide you here and adapt to the changes. Ask yourself, could that static pic be a video of some sort? How can I solve my audience's problem in a reel or story?

Everyone’s approach will look differently. That’s the beauty of #bizlife! 🙌🏼

Get ready for some trial and error and find out what works best for you, your audience and your business.

Now, I know many of you fellow introverts will be saying something along the lines of:

👉🏼 "I hate filming videos of myself"

👉🏼 "I know I need to put myself out there more but ugggrh!"

👉🏼 "Gosh, I wish every post performed as well as the ones with me in it!"

The reality is, putting yourself out there on social media is going to humanise your brand, create emotional connections and excite your audience BUT respecting your own energy levels is just as important. I wanted to write this blog to share the opinions of Instagram's updates from an introvert's perspective. Yep! This bright banana brand is run by one of your own.

Being an introvert doesn't mean you can't have kickass socials. Seriously! It's simply a matter of finding out what ways you can produce content that makes you feel confident, in control and empowered. There's no secret sauce - this needs to come from you. Everybody is different and comes out of their shell in different ways.

For me, it was starting off with professional photography. Having someone I loved and trusted, take an abundance of photos where frankly, I looked absolute fire. I felt confident sharing the content, showing off my personality and giving my audience a face to the brand.

Now, as we incorporate video into our strategies more and more, it's about finding that same "I woke up like this" confidence when it's time for lights, camera, action.


Begin by understanding how you like to show yourself on socials - where people will pick up on your confidence! Focus on solving their problems and add value with short videos, stories and reels. Starting off with these shorter pieces of content that don't deplete your energy.

Not only do reels outperform most other pieces of Instagram content but they can be as short as 15 seconds. You can totally handle 15 seconds!

If getting in front of the camera is a bit too much right now, start by maximising voiceovers. This is actually the approach I took when I first started producing reels. Voiceovers in reels or videos allow the audience to hear your voice, passion and put an identity to your content without always having to show your face!

Finally, I want to remind you that nobody is judging you for putting yourself out there. This is a big lesson I have had to learn as I lead by example and ramp up my video content. The things you see that make you anxious? Girl, nobody noticed, promise.

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