Why Social Media Should Not Be Your Only Marketing Platform

If you're one of the 18 million Australian's that use social media every single day, chances are you've seen some changes to your Facebook Newsfeed in the past few hours.

This morning, we woke up to the news [ironic] that outlets such as ABC News, The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail and would no longer be part of our overflowing newsfeeds. We won't bore you with the political chat but essentially, in line with the recent conversations between the Australian Government and Facebook, Zuck has pulled the plug on us using his platform as our primary source of local and national news.

How does this affect your business? Well, honestly, not a great deal unless you are a news outlet or a brand that is regularly sharing news articles. For our personal newsfeeds, this may mean you hit up some additional email marketing lists today to still get your daily dose of news.

What today's news does bring us is a solid reminder that we do not own social media. In fact, we have the privilege of sharing our personal and professional lives on these worldwide platforms and without any notice, these tech giants can pull the rug from underneath us.

With that in mind, what other marketing initiatives are you regularly engaging with to promote your products and services? If social media is your only answer then today's update should be a serious wake-up call. If like mine, your Mum told you to "never keep all your eggs in one basket", today is a day to consider the role social media plays in your business and whether it's a part of a larger, holistic marketing strategy.

So, where to from here? Firstly, don't turn your entire strategy on its head and instead, look at ways you can be nurturing your existing and potential customers off social media.

Grow your email marketing audience - this is something you can actually own! If you're not already utilising email marketing, jump onto platforms such as MailChimp and check out how you can be promoting your specials, news and updates with simple drag and drop templates. Ensure attaining email addresses is part of your client intake process so you can be building up these audiences.

When was the last time you updated your website or blog? Utilise the power of search and website engagement by investing in the quality of your site. Updating your branding and imagery, ensuring you've got a mobile-friendly layout and updating your site with engaging copy are just a few tweaks you can make to ensure the process from search, engage to booking is a seamless experience for your customers.

If you're not already blogging, it's time to take all of that incredible knowledge from your brain and start sharing it with your audience. Regular blog posts not only add incredible value to your overall marketing strategy [think email marketing features, seamless Instagram posts and client education resources] but it will give your website a delicious SEO boost too! Know the phrases your customers are using to find a business like yours and craft value-adding content around it. These don't need to be Harry Potter story length but rather engaging, well-written and quality insights into your products and services.

Don't forget about the offline world! Branding touchpoints are all around us, not just when we pick up our phone or laptop. From the moment your customer walks through your door, you have the opportunity to engage them in your referral programs, loyalty offers and get them signing up to your email marketing lists.

Consider where your customer is going when they're not visiting your business and how they can learn about your services. This could include flyers or brochures at your local gym, a special offer for Bootcamp challengers, a flyer on your local day-care news board or even a special skin treatment offer for clients of a local hairstylist [and vice versa]. Whilst many of our clients will search for us before they book us, there's nothing like speeding up that process with value-adding information that they can physically touch and read.

Is this the end of finding out the latest and breaking news via social media? Who knows! Tech giants will forever keep us on our toes and it's up to us to ensure that when they flick those switches, our marketing strategy doesn't come crashing down. Embrace your social media audience, keep producing incredible content but make sure that once they put their phone down, they can still engage with your brand.

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