Working From Home? Productivity Tips From A Freelancer.

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

This week has been one hell of a year right?! For some, working from home this week has been unfamiliar territory. As a freelancer, we've got some WFH experience up our sleeves - we know what works, what doesn't and how to avoid eating ALL the snacks on day one.

Check out 6 must-know tips for maximising your working from home life.

Fashion, darling.

Don't treat working from home as a chance to work in bed in your sweats.

Wake up each morning and dress like a boss!

Routine is everything!

Much like you would in your office, set a schedule for what you want to get done that day and stick to it.

Trading in your commute

Saving a tonne of time not having to commute into work?

Using that time for mediation, yoga, a home workout or even just a coffee in the sun can set a positive intention for your day.

Have an escape

If you can, avoid your WFH office being your bedroom or living room.

That way, when you've clocked off for the day, you have an safe haven to unwind.

Schedule breaks

Don't forget to give yourself a lunch break, regularly stretch and give your eyes a rest from your screen and keep hydrated throughout your day.

Clock off when you'd normally do so.

Stay connected

Check on your team members and peers who may not be used to this environment.

If you're a manager, trust your team. They've got this.

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