You Should Hashtag That

If you’re not already using hashtags on Instagram, you’re missing out on a tonne of opportunities to connect with potential new followers and ultimately, new customers!

For those already using hashtags, give yourselves a big pat on the back. Now, it's time to optimise that strategy to welcome more of the right people to your posts.

Every Instagram post allows thirty hashtags, and every Instagram story allows ten. I see this as up to thirty new opportunities to create connections online. Everything on social media should come back to relationship building and hashtags are no different.

As a result, it’s important to really consider the hashtags you’re using on social media and whether they’re putting your posts in front of not just your ideal customer but people that can actually engage, visit and spend money in your business.

For example, if you’re still using hashtags like #skincare #facial and #beauty, you’re automatically competing with over 60-million other posts. Truly!

This is known as hashtag density. Hashtag density refers to how many posts are associated with a particular hashtag. These incredibly high-density hashtags may be popular but because of that, they’re ultra-competitive. They also lack the specificity required to put your post in front of paying customers. This is where location and demographic-based hashtags come into play.

Next time you’re putting together your post’s hashtags, consider your location and your ideal customer. Changing #facial to something more specific to your location like #melbournefacial or #toorakfacial, makes it a lot easier for potential customers to find you. These hashtags take the density from million to thousands or even hundreds.

Whilst it seems counterintuitive to choose hashtags that are less popular, it’s actually a powerful way of getting your content seen by the right people, quicker.

When it comes to demographic-based hashtags, consider what your ideal customer does when they’re not visiting your business. Are they career-driven women that would connect with hashtags like #businesschicks or #ladystartup?

Are they mums dreaming of some me-time that would respond to #mumsofmelbourne? Perhaps they’re on the ‘gram looking for a solution to their new year’s resolution like #melbournebodycontouring!

In addition to covering your location and what’s actually going on in the photo (think #enzymetherapy), don’t forget to consider what characteristics your ideal customer possesses so you can become part of their fabulous lifestyle.

Let’s make our friendship official online. Connect with do you even social? on Facebook and Instagram and let’s get social!

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